BOGO Green Onions


Because who doesn’t love a good buy one get one deal? There are tons of cool ways to use your kitchen scraps. One of those ways is by regrowth. Green onions is probably one of the easiest scraps that you can regrow considering all you need is a jar, water, and some sunlight. When you have used your onions, leaving about an inch and a half at the bottom just toss them in a bowl or jar with about an inch of water and put them outside or in a sunny window.

I recommend giving your onions fresh water every few days. In my experience if you let the onions grow in murky water they tend to have a slightly murky flavor rather than the fresh crisp flavor you are looking for in a green onion. Give your onions about 2 weeks and voila`

Although these onions will keep regrowing over and over I suggest only regrowing them once. Each time you regrow your onions they get slightly thinner with less flavor and less nutrients, so in my opinion they are only good for one regrow. But hey, you still got 2 bunches of green onions for the price of one, enjoy!



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